Hypestress is an independent artist that has performed at various venues such as the Dylock in Philadelphia, Memorial Hall in Dayton OH, Warmdadys in Philadelphia PA, and Wilberforce OH. Hypestress has collaborated with Azeer the Anthologist forming the duo known as the Legendary Team Phenom based in Columbus OH. As Team Phenom they have completed three albums titled the Legendary, the Red Pill, and the Moment of Clarity. Hypestress has also collaborated with the likes of the late Poison Ladd S.L.R. Additionally, Hypestress has performed live with Singer Barbara Sheree. Hypestress has also been featured on the Alpha Omega LP with artist Flawless from the Warzone camp as well as two Albums from Breakout Ent. artist Supa San titled B.R.K.O and Break up or get broke up. As a solo artist, Hypestress has an EP titled Fiction which he worked with producers Beats In General from SoundFound Music Group as well as producer Globalcreationmusic, and also an EP project titled "Tre Onysis in the Social Experiment". For more information email: stressmatic@yahoo.com